19th Jan – CH4 – Skid Mark

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Skid Mark Day #2

This time Skiddy had teamed up with Robin Banks, and neither looked in a good state when they finally showed up at the A site. It seems they had both picked up some stomach issues, so we could tell there would be a shit time ahead!

Looking around there were some fit runners – virgins and visitors, so we were in for a challenge. I set off as usual with Brownie, across a soaking rice field, weaving around the worst of the muck, until we got to a trail the other side. It seemed a long way without a check, and eventually Brownie surged ahead with a 100miler visitor. A tricky check later and everyone was together, paddling through a creek to get to a new road – I diverted around the side and found trail at the other end. We then went into the orchards section – again some challenging checks – quickly figured out by a large fast pack of FRBs. The pace was quick given the terrain.

We were turning back towards home as Brownie jumped over a ditch towards a seducing lady, we chased after him as he picked a few checks right in succession. But as the trail twisted and turned randomly through some trees, the pack closed in as the leader tried to pick out the route. A circle by another rice field – it had to be across it – right? I set off, a long time without a call, until eventually HRA found it heading around the edge. I lucked out again as it curved around to where I already was, and with only a couple of obvious checks to go, I was to the OnIn.

A really fun run, and circle, with a good group of visitors getting into the spirit.