20th Jan – CH3 – Skid Mark

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Skid Mark #3

If you are going to set 2 runs in a weekend, why not set 3? Seriously folks – that is a hell of an effort and deserves huge respect. Thanks Skiddy for a great weekend of hashing!!!

So how about today’s run? He’d been building up to it with the previous 2 runs and had hinted today’s would be something special – enough that I crept my way out of work and got to the runsite. We’d been here before, but not for a long time. It was an A->B, which always mixes things up.

I set off in usual style, and Brown Finger joined me at the front. The first check was after 700m or so and I guess I got it right… – at least I found some paper in a rice field and another circle check. I can’t be sure if we got there the way the hares intended, but what the hell! A bit further on, another circle next to a ‘bridge’ type thing that crossed some fast flowing water. It’s Skiddy, so of course we had to cross it right? Yup, and I was On-On past a paddy field to the road. Things were going well for me, and I hit another couple of checks. When I finally got one wrong it was Graven Image, Brown Finger and Turkish Delight mixing it up at the front.

We caught up with Sunspot who’d been given a huge short cut, but apparently confusing instructions…. – “At the V check take the RIGHT path”, which could have meant the path to the right, or the correct one. Anyway, bloody hell the pace was moving along fast. Less that 6.5mins per km is not a bad running pace, but when you add in the hashing checks etc. that’s moving along. Several times we thought we’d lost Turkish, but he was doing a great job of keeping up – calling when he got ahead and kicking checks out when he was following (Poo might argue that he kicked the checks in the wrongd direction, but perhaps Poo should run faster and get in less fights).

Finally we got to a strange “Wings and Other Things” or “Short Cut” check… Huh? We were close, and after a couple of twists and turns, we emerged and found the beer. A great 8km A->B run and in my opinion the best of the weekend’s runs. Thanks for the 3 runs!