18th Jan – CSH3 – Skid Mark

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Skid Mark Part #1!

It’s the Skid Mark food hashing tour of Chiang Mai, and a trip out to Guenthers – that’s fine for those of us who’ve been there before, but some had some challenges getting there. Nonetheless after Sups had his toilet break we were set off in a familiar direction. First check – a circle with 3 options. I went wrong, while BF had it nailed and sped off, only to be slowed down when trail briefly ran out. Turkey managed to parallel run his way to the front, and he spent quite a bit of time running somewhere near to the trail.

We headed into the rice fields, but we were on a good trail and it was good running. Semen Sores, Able Semen & I Grow Cocks were following the leading group of myself, Graven, Brownie and Turkey. A Byte of Turkey with Brown Gravy? We cycled the lead and gradually slipped away from the pack, and at the last check it could have gone either way with Graven picking right, and me going straight. I missed it the first time, which confused the chasing pack, so when I did find the paper, I was able to cruise away, past Skiddy and through some serious shiggy to the On-In. A great, flat run.

The GM was feeling lazy, so she left me to run the circle.

18th Jan - CSH3 - Skid Mark, 4.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating