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13th August – CSH3 – Shagless & Doesn’t Get It

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Without looking at directions, like a magnet I was drawn toward canal road. Sure enough there were signs to the left and to a brand new runsite. A new runsite, and certainly for me 100% virgin trails. That takes away any advantage I may have! We set off with Belly Dancer doing his trademark (farewell) sprint start… I followed, and he was visibly happy when the first check appeared – I don’t think he would have been sprinting much further. From the first circle I could see paper off to the left, and of course headed over. The 2nd circle, I ducked and spotted paper through the orchard and things were going well early on!

Then we got to some V checks. CW went right on the first V check, and found no check back. The 2nd V check I went left and just ran out of paper, before going back left and also running out of paper. There was much confusion with hashers all over the place. Finally HRA found the trail crawling past a barbed wire post into an orchard. Meandering through an orchard for just a while before returning to the road. On the road I was pretty sure I could see something unusually white in the distance to the right, so set off after HRA, while Sloppy and Buns headed out into the rice fields. I had locked in on definite white paper when finally Sloppy called in the field. Piggy & Turkish were quick enough to follow me rather than go back the long way around, and sure enough we were on paper again. Turkish only wanted to follow feigning no idea what was going on, but I lost him at the next check, as Piggy followed me. Another circle, and I arrived with Piggy – he headed left, and my gut said he was correct. I was very slow checking right. I paused to retie my shoe lace. Looking back, everyone else was also following Piggy to the left, but why hadn’t he called? OK… I jogged forwards and there was the paper… On On and to the Beer stop, just ahead of Bow Wow and Head Hacker, who amazingly had got lucky along the road!

A beer stop, right next to a circle check. A road. Both sides were rice fields, and the hare brief had said only follow the marked burns… Hashers scattered, and I sauntered. Into a little property looked tempting – the kind of place you ask and get permission from! A flash of white on a tree ahead. Sweet! OnOn! The call brought hashers charging from all directions, the GM notably dancing his own route across the burns. Worse still was the Turk and KO, who just said fuck the trail, I’ll trample the rice fields and rejoin further ahead. With Turkish ahead, CW was like a greyhound. Turkish was the short cutting bastard (as usual), but CW couldn’t resist chasing him down like a gazelle chasing a hippo in a weird cartoon. I plodded along and got to another beer stop.

I would like to apologise to the hares, for my bad form here. I didn’t take the 2nd beer and headed off after the leaders like a racist bastard. My behaviour was incorrect, and I regret it. Sadly there were 2 racists ahead of me who also missed out on a comforting beer. I’d rather not talk about the end of the run… the strava flyby says it all… Great run hares – the checks came thick and fast, and were confusing from the start to the last. You definitely caught me out, and if I am running to catch up with Pamela, Sups and Geisha Gash only to catch Belly Dancer at the OnIn, then good job!

21st July – CH3 – Chuck Wao

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11km south on canal road – a bit of a trek, but I sloped out of work and headed down to see what he had in mind. The crematorium, and no doubt the familiar trails behind it. A modest crowd assembled, missing some regulars, but swelled by the visiting Cabbage Patch, the returning Head Hacker and soon to be named ‘Pee On Me’. Looking around, I suspected I would need to do some work finding the trail…

We set off and Pee On Me, Skiddy and I arrived at the first circle together. Setting the circle around the corner gave a big hint as to where the On In trail might be, and already my mind was racing ahead on trail. Sure enough, I picked the first check right, and then the 2nd took us along the fence at the side of the temple. Lovely running trails, and I jogged along enjoying it. We had to turn right sooner or later, it was just a case of picking the right trail. Nice, I nailed it, and a long, long stretch for me to open up the legs on. Calls faded behind me – could I keep up my luck?

Finally a circle check on a main ish trail, so I took a moment or two to double check my bearings… It gets very disorienting along those trails at times, so once I knew where I was, I opted for the small trail that isn’t completely obvious – after 100m, I called “On On” into the silence behind me. How long would my luck hold out? A few more checks and I found my self looped back around to the right, climbing through shiggy. From away to the right, a faint call, I called back, but it was fruitless, the rest of the pack were the wrong side of a gully, heading on the loop I’d just done.

Rare do you nail every check in a hash, and sure enough, finally the hare got me at a cross check. It seemed like time to head back, so I picked straight on – check back. From there I could arc up through the shiggy to the other trail, and again, check back. Back to the check leaving one option, so I neatly kicked the check out for the rest of the pack, and headed on. One more circle check had me a bit muddled, but with silence behind, I found trail and headed towards the OnIn.

There was one final F*ck You from the hare, with a dummy false trail off to the left. I picked up the paper and reset it before heading back for a beer. Nice one Chuckie, but I had you pegged! Good circle – I hadn’t planned on staying for it, but hey, hopefully I’ll get on top of things tomorrow…

(No, I didn’t short cut!)