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3rd November – CSH3 – Bone Collector

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Along the canal road to the Bone Residence – having run here several times before, I guessed what to expect – visualising the run up “Bone Hur Hill” as usual. The first thing out of the ordinary was as we were sent out the back gate, rather than as usual along the drive and out the front gate. Interesting – Belly Dancer put in his usual charge, but I couldn’t let him have his moment of glory and charged away at the front with Crazy Crack and Nam Ron following behind.

After half a km or so we got to the first circle, and having the pick I chose right, with the idea of crossing the causeway just around the corner. After 50m I was surprised to see paper on the left as though it was coming around the corner. I was skeptical, but what the hell “ONON!”. Straight along the road, and another circle. Nobody wanted to check right as it would take you back to the house, but eventually Leon (later inappropriately named ‘Hand Some’???) called on on. And there was the On-In… Ooops, bit of a Fuck Up. Runners were tempted to go back in, but we managed to persuade enough people to go back only to find all the walkers heading in the right direction as directed by Bone Hur.

Confusion reigned as walkers were the FRBs, and they didn’t know how to deal with the checks. We hit the hill and it was Nutcracker that lead the way up. I got a check badly wrong and ended up trying to pass Burrito Butt on the narrow trail. The trail kept going up and up and up. Damn you hares!

I lost ground on Chuckie, Poo and Nam Ron as the hill took it’s toll on me. Finally we reached the top, and I could pass Big Top, Nutcracker and Joint Venture on the steep descent to the road. The road? We must be around 2km out at this point. Argh! Knowing where the OnIn was didn’t help and the few checks there were did nothing to bring the pack together. Oh well, it was a pleasant trail nonetheless.


4th August – CSH3 – His Royal Anus

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One of hashs best kept secrets, HRA didn’t want anyone to know where the run was – he was even out laying trail before he got someone to send a message where it was – was he so ashamed of his run? I guess we would soon find out and we were pointed off in the general direction of the temple steps (near the football field towards Sameong). Ominous, but HRA has a habit of giving information away without intending to give information away – so I was confident of not needing to climb the steps.

Sure enough I ran into paper along the road and diverted onto the trail up the hill. I was in Forrest Gump mode, and felt like running – up the mountain which put me ahead of the pack. I spied a little trail down to the left, and a circle up ahead, and I was on hash fire – hitting everything. I called, behind, but not sure if anyone could hear even now.

Hopped over a little wall, and followed paper down a road that seemed to loop in a circle. A gate to the left and a familiar car parked through it with Hollow Legs emerging with Nutcracker… Hmmm… I could see the paper leading off in a circle ahead, but there were surely Skiddy Sticks over there, so I clambered over the gate and was back on the trail as we again headed up the hill. No sounds behind, just running, and nailing a few more checks. I tried calling and with hindsight, I screwed the trail to some extent with the pack cutting across a valley following my calls someway ahead.

A loop up and down, and finally the hares thwarted my perfect hash – Damn those Skiddy Sticks!!! Still I replaced them appropriately, and continued on with no sounds from behind beyond the echoes of my On-On calls. My luck had changed though and at the next check I wasted time checking up a nice looking trail to the left… Back down and I found the trail straight on, with the first sounds from behind as Alice closed me down.

Another check, and could I out think those hares? Damnit!!! Alice slipped past me as I came running back into the mix. Having been lonely all run, I tried to chase him down to have someone to chat to, but he accelerated and left me behind – across the rice fields and to the On-In…. An On-In which hadn’t yet been placed, so Alice did an extra couple of clicks on the out trail – justice was served – my beer was cold as Sups had got there on time to help us chill the beer!

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