23rd Feb – CSH3 – Skid Mark

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Skiddy teamed up with Doggie and found a secluded alley near San Kampaeng for the runsite – so secluded that Human Excrement tried to sneak Gung into the bushes for a quickie before everyone else arrived. Fail!

The hare brief introduced another Skiddy special graph of the run elevation profile – with a largely exaggerated axis that on closer inspection revealed a total difference of 7m. It would have been tricky to find any hills out there.

We set off and after getting the first check right, my run turned into an epic adventure of failing at every check. The run brought together some rice fields and some bridges in typical Skiddy style. All was going smoothly until we were checking and heard a voice like Skiddy call across the field “Go back! You’ve gone too far!!!” Bizarrely a set of Skiddy sticks had been mistaken for a circle check! Somewhat strange to put a smiley face at a different type of check – which confused the hell out of everyone…

After the beer check Chuckie and I gained a bit of an advantage – not because we were on trail, but some cunning parallel running on the road had us back on paper before HRA led the pack through the fields.

Eventually we ended up at Doggie’s newly refurbished restaurant for a small plate of cauliflower!

23rd Feb - CSH3 - Skid Mark, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating