19th Feb – CH3 – HRA

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HRA likes to go to great lengths to find new run sites, and for this run he found a spot I’d certainly never hashed in. When we eventually found the A bucket, the songthaew was already there, with a good turnout. Having brought Danny along for the run, it wasn’t likely that we’d be doing too much, but set off in the obvious direction with Semen Soars sprinting off setting the early pace.

Despite HRA’s words against rice fields, we found the trail cut across the paddies – but thankfully they weren’t in full bloom so we could make our way across without causing any damage. At the other end a few checks did a great job of keeping the pack together – 4 year old Danny was very proud to be the first to spot powder at one point! It was short lived though and he spent most of the run sat on my shoulders.

One by one the pack passed ahead until I was left with Gasman. When we hit a road, we could see all the hashers making their way through a rice field again, so we cut down the road and rejoined with some of the hashers – at least we were within earshot again as Danny was getting really heavy! Around the corner and the cars were in sight.

19th Feb - CH3 - HRA, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating