19th July – CSH3 – HRA Outstation

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HRA and Cumalot teamed up to organise an outstation in Pai, so after 2.5-3 hours drive, I pulled into the resort, just in time to check in and collect hash cash. Hare brief done, we were off on out with Tasty Buns & Romy up front. First check had me going up a hill that wasn’t necessary, and it was a bit of a scramble to cut across back to the pack. The hares took us towards a temple, and teased us with a climb up the hill, before cutting left back down to the flats.

We followed a creek for a while, and only the diligence of Chuckie could keep his feet dry while the rest of us paddled regularly. I was getting quite a few checks right, including the pink false trails. Finally I got a check badly wrong, and it took a while for me to get back in earshot. Turns out had I just continued a few more yards I would have found paper again, but not to worry.

Finally we got to the novel “N/SR” split. Despite the hare brief, we were all wondering if SR was “Short Run”, turned out it was “Super Rambo”! The extra loop consisted of an extra 2km with 2 treacherous river crossings. I spent too long debating the split, and couldn’t catch up again as Piggy ran ahead with the German ladies.

Skiddy ran the circle for the absent GM and it went well with some good highs to see us off to our buffet dinner. The resort clearly hadn’t been visited by hashers before as we proceeded to drink them out of Heineken and then Leo. Finally personal stashes located and devoured we hit the sack.

Next morning, Chuckie treated us to a hangover run – which largely consisted of reusing HRA’s 800m OnIn. The kids loved it, and Willy Walls is becoming a bit of a Racist Bastard – as I ran into the resort, I glanced over my shoulder and eased up as I was homefree, only for WW to sprint past me. 8 Bit led the rest of the kids in.

19th July - CSH3 - HRA Outstation, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating