17th July – CH4 – Chuck Wao

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The Fire Prevention Centre, close to town, a handy run spot with shelter for the off season. A few virgins swelled our ranks, with Struggles to Cum adding numbers again and again. She showed up late (as usual) along with Can’t Keep (It) Up, just as we were setting off on the run.

I led the way down the hill, and when we passed the first intersection I remarked to Kangaroo, that there would be a false trail ahead and we would be going back to the right. Sure enough, there was the FT and it was back across to the right of the lake. The trails seemed to have changed a bit, but at a V check, I managed to stretch out a bit of a lead. As we hit the road, I nailed a circle check, and then outwitted the hare on another FT. I was out of sight, and out of earshot in the lead.

I ran along the trail at the edge of the Ag Centre, waiting for the moment to cut right up the hill. I did, and there was another circle check. Gutted, I got it wrong, and in no time the pack was back with me. With Tasty Buns taking the lead I ended up with a dumby check up the wrong hill. The OnOn eventually came from down to the right, and it took a long time to rejoin the pack, and when I did, it was just in time to get another check wrong. The early luck had run out. When we hit the waterfall right by the Fire Prevention Centre, again, I got it wrong, but opted to just run on in down the hill.

A good set, somewhat familiar trails, but it managed to thwart me several times. On On.