8th June – CSH3 – Superbitch

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With nearly 2000 combined runs, the Super family would surely put together a memorable run? About 4km towards Sameong, the A bucket was by a serene lake overlooked by a Buddhist meditation retreat. Big Top, HRA and Bendover had all set from around here, and normally it involved the steep hills nearby. Uhoh.

We set off across the quarry, straight in the direction of the hills. Just as we were about to head up the hill we got to a circle check. Rather than heading on up, the hares had abruptly dived down a lethal barb wire coated bank back to a road that took us back down. No hill today?

We cut back across another quarry / excavation site with Gorf leading the way and getting confused by a cross check. We quickly turned back towards the A and had a short loop through the temple and around the lake.

Sups was clearly thirsty as he let the FRBs back within 30 minutes, before the GM had even arrived. Several of the more energetic types went around for a second lap (with the GM), while the rest of us tucked into the beers. A short sweet workout!

8th June - CSH3 - Superbitch, 5.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating