19th May – CH4 – Chuck Wao

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Chuckie is meticulous about the planning and execution of his runs and stepped in for Throbbing Ninja at the familiar fire prevention centre. With a group of virgins and visitors we set off and I immediately got the first check wrong, but was still ahead by the 2nd. Wrong again, and as I came back Square Rooter was calling from up the hill. It seemed a long way to the paper – at least 101 metres, and as said CW would never go above 100m. Sure enough the sweeping CW called me back. Over half the pack, including all the FRBs were already careering up the hill but I dutifully went back to find the real trail.

It was around the lake and as I passed Burrito Butt, I realised I would be on my own for a while! Foxy Cleopatra, Itchy Bitchy & Quiet Please were there to support, and after a couple more km we got back to where Square Rooter had led the pack astray. I wouldn’t be seeing them again, but finally CW came into view doing a reverse sweep and dynamically setting and resetting the run.

All smiles back at the circle. Most were happy to have short cut and dived straight into the beers. The circle had some good moments, most notably Suckit’s hoorah before heading back again.