20th May – CH3 – Belly Dancer

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Why does Belly hate us so much? At some point he must have realised what a bad idea this run was, and he emailed around encouraging people either come early, and he’d laid a different trail that was easier. Why didn’t I listen?

I set off not long after the early pack had set off and soon enough caught up with Frozen Dick heading along a familiar trail used recently by Semen Soars. Up ahead I started checking one circle and then caught up as SS found some skiddy sticks. The paper had been hit by a storm and was hard to spot in places, so we were continually confused as we searched for trail around the fields. Finally we got onto a trail that ascended into the mountain. I hate hills. This trail up wasn’t so bad though, in good shape and not so steep that it was definitely possible to keep walking on, and happily I emerged to the circle check at the ‘top’.

The circle was on a saddle, with choices of up one of the hills either side, or down the back, where the trail split into multiple options. I tried several of them. The stormy wind was whipping around and carrying the ‘On On’ call with it. I was confused and lost a lot of time trying to find out where the pack was. Eventually I went back to the circle, and everyone had already disappeared. I was alone and made my way along the side of a ridge, scrambling to stay upright in the steep parts, hanging off trees, until I spotted Humperdick beneath me – literally about 400m away, straight down the cliff face. WTF? It only got worse. Rather than using one of the nice trails that ran down the hill, this was a straight line descent, alone, with storm clouds darkening the skies, weary legs. Humperdick disappeared.

Finally I got to a flatter part, with an identifiable trail to follow. But it was too late, my legs were like jellies, and it was all I could do to amble along hoping this time I might escape in daylight. I did – just! And not too long before HRA who had apparently set off another half hour after me!

20th May - CH3 - Belly Dancer, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings