3rd January – CH4 – His Royal Anus

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HRA teamed up with Crazy Crack and Ravenous to set a run out towards the Tiger Camp. He likes that area, and this time had found a new A-Bucket. He looked proud of himself as he pointed out the luvly shelter he’d found with a luvly bridge next to it. Turns out he had got lost and used this location by default! Crazy Crack guarded the shelter warning us to duck to get in – except for Frozen who collapsed to the ground with a thud.

On Out, and Angry Inch led the way through a rice field and he was away getting the first few checks spot on. I figured the golf course was nearby and wasn’t surprised when we ended up on the canal trail that cuts through the golf course. A check at the end brought the pack back together while we found our way out onto the road. When we hit the road, I figured we had to loop left or right, and with 15 holes on the right and only 3 holes to the left, left seemed the logical choice, and sure enough Graven and I found trail.

Shortly after we found skiddy sticks but I was having a purple patch hitting everything right. UNTIL we got to another road and a V check. What kind of a dumbass checks right? Up the hill in the wrong direction along the fence of a farm that I knew was enormous and impossible to get through? Chuckie and Sloppy Rod got a jump on the rest of us as bizarrely lots of others came following me.

Sloppy was on good form and nailed the last check, before a long run along the mud road and back in on the out trail. A pleasant run in a new area – good work hares!

3rd January - CH4 - His Royal Anus, 8.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings