19th Jan – CSH3 – Superman

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You would have thought that the highest combined runcounts in Chiang Mai history (Superman & Superbitch) we could have had a good run?! On route to the run most of us missed the right turn off the Sameong road as the sign was on the left – rookie mistake #1.

In the hare brief we were told we would be missing out on the luxuries of ‘modern’ checks like circles, V checks and Skiddy sticks, and today would be just Cross checks… Interesting concept! The problem with cross checks is the different opinions about how to call on them – should we call “OnOn” until we aren’t, or should we call “checking” for ever? The problem is amplified when we get a bunch of visitor virgin FRBs who decide not to call at all. :(

The runsite was about 1km from Sup’s home, cutting the flat part of the run out so we could just deal with the hills – fortunately they are gentle rolling hills with plenty of trail options. Apart from the frustrations of calling, we found our way through and finally hit the inevitable trail by the night safari. I was jogging along with Angry Inch as the true trail headed inland again and we thought better of it – my legs were still feeling the effects of last Sunday, so I jogged back in to get ready for the circle.

19th Jan - CSH3 - Superman, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating