20th Jan – CH4 – Knockout

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Knockout teamed up with Unplugged for what was sure to be a nice gently happy hash run? yah right!

The girls decided we needed a good punishing, and took us straight towards the hills… The area was familiar, with Big Top, HRA and Bend Over setting memorable runs there, and there are some great views from the trails that hug the side of the hills. The early part of the run headed left so we could take in the view of the quarries, but of course started climbing into the the hills.

I hit a circle check first and only knew one way up the hill so doubled back to check up the obvious route. Somehow the hares had found another way and I was stuck behind a crowd as we crawled up a tunnel and then kept climbing through the recently burnt out hill. What a climb! 200+ metres till we reached a trail where the paper seemed to run out for a bit. We’d heard Chuckie up front calling “Looking” so when we got there we’d hoped it would be easier, but HRA, Graven and I relied on Horny Monkey to lead us straight back down the hill. What did we do to deserve that?

There were some checks were the hares must have got carried away chatting about shopping or something, cos they forgot to start laying paper for 150m or so. Finally we got down to the rubber wall, and jogged back to the A. Good challenging run! The visitors from Hong Kong didn’t appreciate the hill, but Frozen Dick particularly appreciated the minor celebrity we had in our group…:-


20th Jan - CH4 - Knockout, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating