11th June – CH4 – Pigshit

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A reasonable turnout, given the time of year etc. But while there were plenty of walkers, it looked light on the FRB side… ABB took up the early running, racing to the first check, when he paused seemingly bemused. I past and headed up the hill and found trail, quickly on my own. I was aware of a virgin called Jack somewhere behind me, but it wasn’t until I got a couple of checks wrong that he and Toe Sucker caught up. The start was a steep climb up and presumably that decimated the pack.

When I caught up with Jack & Toe Sucker, they were stood at a circle discussing which way they should check. Toe Sucker was adamant she was just going to wait at the circle, and pointed out which ways we should go. I was wrong again, and caught up at the next circle where again they were discussing what to do. Screw that, I took off and finally got a check right. When we hit the road, it was clear he wouldn’t send us back up the road, so the only reasonable option was over heartbreak hill. Sometimes I don’t like being right. Its been a while since we’ve been over it, but it is always a tough one. Near the top we had the option of cutting down and going along the road, but nope, the hare wasn’t that forgiving, he was taking us right over the top.

Finally we hit the down hill and it was easy running all the way back. A great trail… Well marked… and a well ordered circle. Nice Job PS!