1st June – CH3 – Sloppy Rod

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The start of a new era – Frozen has gone, in with ABB. All week we got emails advertising his run and I got there expecting something special. Meaejo – the low hills before the Tiger Head. I am somewhat familiar with the area – and it is always a good run.

I set off ok, getting the first check or 2 with Piggy not far behind. Then a circle that I just got plain wrong. Most people passed and I slowly caught people as we climbed up the hill towards the tiger camp. Inevitably we got to the 5 trail junction and Poo was leading Piggy there. Normally hares put a circle right at the junction, but Sloppy mixed it up and went 50m down a trail before putting a circle. Bluff? Double Bluff? Triple Bluff? Poo turned back and checked back from the junction (twice). Piggy was a long way off. Kwazi appeared short cutting from another direction, which left me to do the “obvious” trail past the circle. I was On and clean away as the trail turned sharply down the hill. I accelerated with dreams of grandeur.

Sadly I got some checks badly wrong as we got to the bottom of the hill, and while I had some gap ahead of the pack, they quickly caught up as I ran backwards and forwards. The whole pack swept past and I had nothing left to give.

Excellent set that had the FRBs repeatably confused. Pretty much all of the pack came in close together (and ahead of me!). Job done!

1st June - CH3 - Sloppy Rod, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating