31st July – CH4 – Cumalot

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Whoa!!!! Square Rooter would have loved this one! We set off from the back of the Ag Centre, and from there, there was only one way to go… – Up!

I set off along the familiar trail behind the wall, and knowing where the first check would be pondered whether to go right into the orchard, or left into the trees. Meanwhile Humps was noticing how HRA had pruned the bamboo trees for us – but only to his head height. I chose left, and was correct. Next junction, I chose right and wasn’t correct. I made it back to the trail in time to see Cabbage Patch take a dive in front of me. We reached the bottom of the hills.

Scrambling around the side of it, Skiddy was leading and we got to a check. Steep up to the left, steep down to the right. Nobody wanted to go right so Taste My Buns looked at Skiddy going up, Chuckie meandered off straight on. I bravely went for the downhill option. When I found the paper, I couldn’t have been happier! It was shortlived though as after a short descent the trail went up, up, up… We probably reached the height of Doi Suthep temple. A relentless slog of climbing with limited checks to entertain us – just enough to keep Chuckie just behind me, and Piggy just a bit further back. The pack was stretching out across the hill. Brutal, brutal, brutal – for a Thursday happy hash as well!

Finally a check, and we broke off down to the right, plummeting off the side of the mountain down a steep trail. A bit lower, a check had me thwarted – I had hoped the hares had shown some more imagination than a straight up and down, but nope, Chuckie called from the trail that headed straight back down. I faintly caught sight of him in the distance at one point, but he and Piggy raced their way On In. Phew… I guess we’ll all be fitter after we recover from that one!

31st July - CH4 - Cumalot, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating