14th December – CSH3 – Turkish Delight

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I remember Turkey setting a great run from behind the new convention centre – it pissed it down, but it was still a good run! I had high hopes…

We set off in the wrong direction, but whatever! The first check split the pack between walkers and runners – no more walkers for us! The rambos had a climb up the mountain, and as Brown Finger had scouted the same area, so he knew where the trail went, he took off. He’d let slip that he’d seen paper in advance, so I just followed him, and fortunately got away from Horny’s annoying jingling like a motherfucker.

After a decent run, we all got completely confused when the wimp rambo rejoined, and we all found our own ways down the hill, not knowing which trail we were following – except BF of course – he knew where to go!