15th December – CH4 – Kwazi Moto

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I finished scouting in time to get over to Kwazi’s run.

So, we set off from the site of Belly Dancer’s ball breaker from the previous year. He’d found some great trails during the first leg of it, so I was hopeful Kwazi would do the same… – but instead he illustrated that Belly must have put some time into finding the trails!

We clambered across the side of a mountain with each square of paper being a check in itself as we searched for the next evidence of previous life.

Finally we got off, and when the trail ran out, I headed for the nearest bridge and thankfully found trail. The next part would have been great had there not been a huge rainstorm in the afternoon – instead it turned into a shitty paddle through swamps. Fun though!

It was an all male hash, with the Bunnies being across the city, so the circle was more like a sitting male hash. Nicely chilled and relaxed.