16th April – CH3 – Frozen Dick

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Down to Ob Khan for the run and as I got to the runsite in a little mango orchard the hare was setting off to rescue hashers who were lost on the road. The songthaew was somewhere behind busy playing Songkran, but soon enough made it in time for the off.

Humperdick ran off to the first check, and promptly was wrong as I headed right – Chuck Wao right on my tail. As we headed up the mountain through another couple of checks, and CW was right there checking a few metres behind me… We looped around to the left, with the trail going pretty much straight on through each check descending through the trees. Angry Inch, the master descender / psycho, took over from Chuckie as the Lemming that just followed me right up to when I finally got it wrong and we turned left back towards the A.

I didn’t like the look of the climb back over the hill, so opted for a longer route “checking” around the base of the mountain. It might have been longer, but at least it was flat, so I came back to the trail in line with Graven, Angry and Chuckie.

16th April - CH3 - Frozen Dick, 6.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings