20th April – CSH3 – BmY

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Dah Dah! – the Grand Finale!! ?? :-O

Would BmY go through with muahhh modus operandi and avenge his year of 100% lost Saturday’s? Odds seemed good that he was planning an epic memorable run at the seldom hashed Heuy Tung Thao.

A very good turn out as usual for the AGFU and with BmY claiming to have spent over 6 hours setting the run with (the evil) Big Top – he launched into the hare brief – nothing unusual there, but I was in no hurry to charge out first today. In fact I hung back a bit to see the outcome of the secret whispering to Dick Tracy, Superman and Graven Image. I was sure I saw DT head off towards the moo baan under construction but then heard the On call across the road.

Bit strange BmY using the recreational area of Huay Tung Thao for the start of his run …. all standard stuff, although we normally run it the other way around. Square Rooter and I were the only ones who stuck to trail at the football field, everybody else short cutting from all directions. Burrito Butt and me ended up checking the circle after the football field which had not been kicked out – FRB toss pots!

Somehow everybody was fairly well in touch by the time we crossed the road again to head for the dreaded hills. A scenic beer stop at the lake BmY & BT enjoying a ‘moment’ or was it our suffering? At this point it actually was pretty tame knowing what BmY and BT are capable of! With Miss Piggy I headed over the dam – was fun watching Skid Mark and the FRB’s find the Skiddy Stix up the hill and the real trail left through the newly burnt jungle. Across to the left Superman was leading the short cutting … erm parallel runners. The concrete spillway was not my kind of fun, so decided that Superman’s leadership was the better option, so along with None of Your Business and a bunch of harriettes we headed parallel as Anything and Foxy Cleopatra scaled the hill.

The runners arced left in front of me and NOYB so we picked up the pace to intercept, unfortunately the trail was not very clear and we ended up heading back out – NOYB crossed the stinking bog but clearly it was wrong and I called him back as BmY might have been a tad upset if he’d been lost because of me! Back on powder on a scrubby trail through mango orchard we lost trail, but saw the short cutters ahead. The short cutters headed to the black top and Just Coming suggested we head On In along the road.

I only had 4km and thought I should put more effort in – surely BmY had something more devious than this in mind – so I turned right but NOYB decided that he’d had enough of sticking with me, so a lonely trek ensued. I picked up the trail where I expected at the base of the hill and with circle check upon circle check headed down the pleasant dirt track. I could see the lager site (A bucket) and at about 2km along the track saw 3 guys cutting across the rice fields in, but I stuck on trail and headed towards the moo baan development which I know BmY knows very well indeed.

The circle check in the dry gully foxed me a little and up under the concrete bridge would have made an interesting alternative to the concrete road, then finally over the dirt mound On In as I heard BmY start the circle for an 8.4km run.

New trails – no, epic and evil – no, but a good nearly normal run!!

So the circle – megalomania finally kicked in with BmY dominating proceedings start to finish – possibly his best circle ever!

The committee fired Trump style one by one, as he worked his way to the AGFU climax – giving birthday girl Anything the circle!!

Finally me fired himself and anointed The Evil Big Top as the new GM.

Good luck to Big Top for the year ahead and thanks BmY for an entertaining year which you worked very hard. A well earnt retirement!


20th April - CSH3 - BmY, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings