30th March – CSH3 – Big Top

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Big Top dragged us 27km out of town past San Kampaeng, near the hot springs in Mae On. Not quite an outstation, but a bloody long drive! She’d teamed up with Push Back for the run, and the pair were both looking smug when they showed up brandishing beers. Evil Big Top? With steep cliffs all around us, what on earth would they come up with?

We were pointed off back down the road and told to look to the right. I jogged off, and had a deja vu from when Chuckie and I had jogged off 5km before realising we had missed the trail. This time we found the trail and Angry Inch was behind me as we cut off into some farmers fields. At every opportunity the hares had us crawling through different barbed wire fences, over, under, through, between, it was like some sadistic army assault course.

Having gone down the hill at the start, it was inevitable that we’d have to climb back up again later, and sure enough when the uphill came, CW hit the front and one by one everyone dropped back. Finally we came across Big Top stood in a field still brandishing the beer. We were close to home – right? It was just there under the monstrous cliff? Except Push Back was there to point us off for another loop – a kind of impromptu Wimp Rambo split. Even Leaky Faucet and the newly named “Crack and Feel” did the extra km, but I was struggling by then.

Fun cirtcle and then off to a great steak house for the ononon…

30th March - CSH3 - Big Top, 6.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings