23rd March – CSH3 – Graven Image

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Graven teamed up with Fishy Fingers to set out at the tiger’s head – one of my favourite places to run. I had high hopes and high expectations! With the buses arriving right at run time we were a little delayed waiting for the virgins to pay and finally we set off through the assault courses to the trails behind the hill.

I found myself jogging along early with an energetic virgin called Suzanne – who was a good runner and kept her pace throughout. Sadly we weren’t on paper and had to cut back to the trail that was going up. I’d promised Leaky Faucet that it would be a flat run, but the early parts weren’t! We got to the check at the 5 way intersection, and when I picked it right, I thought I was away at the front – only Skiddy appeared from ahead and the lead rotated to Sloppy Rod.

Good checks had us rotating all the way through, as it took a while before I was confident we were heading around to the left. The pace was quick but there was a good group at the front with the 2 virgins, Sloppy, Skiddy and myself – with Angry Inch cutting corners to keep up.

After about 7km, we hit the finale – a new rope bridge that took about 3 minutes per person to climb across while the hare was placed with camera to capture the moments. I took a necessary nap after the crossing, and joined up with Horny for the last pass over the hill to the A bucket. They’d taken us up to do the rappel down the rope, with co-hare capturing that moment. I bailed and came up the road.

Enjoyed the circle, enjoyed the run, enjoyed the OnOnOn.