2nd March – CSH3 – Chuck Wao

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One of Chuckie’s favourite runsites at the TV station, but for some reason there was a low turnout. I just don’t get why another hash has been set up to conflict with the existing hashes, rather than to compliment them! Sounds like the CH3 outstations are affected too. Anyway, politics aside, CW was proud that he’d laid the trail in just over an hour! Yikes!

We set off slipping and sliding down a leaf covered waterfall to the road, where after a while we hit a false trail. Horny had come up with the ingenious idea – while CW throws the skiddy sticks away, we should kick out the FT markings! We weren’t so cruel, and set off back to charge up the steep hill. Well, at least I did, hitting a couple of checks right until I was caught out by one and came back eventually to find a group of hashers stood staring at a rock covering a small pile of paper – ah yes it was the check, but were they checking? No!

It was left for me, Horny & Crazy Crack to do the checking as again and again I went the wrong way only to find the rest of the pack waiting for me to find the trail. Except for Big Top that is – no one knows where she was!

The circle was one where we had the chance to hear some of the quieter hashers giving splashes. Crazy Crack’s eloquent splash was a memory – “Big Top, you were in front of me, and then you were behind me, drink it down down down…”

2nd March - CSH3 - Chuck Wao, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings