10th Feb – CH4 – Skid Mark

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Time for the big day, and the hash wedding event of the year. The bride and groom were dressed up with Just Married T-shirts dangling cans behind them – nice touch! Eventually, once Skiddy had had a shower, we bundled into the 2 songthaews and set off to the A, a couple of km away from the resort. When the songthaew failed to make it up the hill we jumped out and ran off in the way Skiddy was pointing – “Just follow the road till you see paper”…

Obediently Chucky and I ran on following the road, and didn’t see any paper. Sadly I didn’t switch the GPS on until we’d been going for 10 minutes or so. After Gorf had laid down the challenge by running past CW uphill, he took off blazing a trail into the distance. I followed with the rest of the pack getting increasingly reluctant. After around 3km there was still no sign of the trail, and I finally gave up and turned back, to eventually see Skiddy coming to rescue us. He brought Chuckie back and pointed the 2 of us off on a short cut. This time we found paper and amazingly we also came up to the back markers, gradually picking our way through the pack.

The trail was great – gently down hill most of the way and great for running on. Finally I heard the call of “Checking” from up ahead, and we’d managed to rejoin the FRBs – just in time to climb the hill to the resort. The day continued with a brief circle and then some time to recover / get dressed up ready for the hash wedding.

Congrats to Poo & Knockout, wishing you all the best!

10th Feb - CH4 - Skid Mark, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings