30th December – CH4 – Graven Image

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It had been over a week since we’d hashed at the Ag centre, so Graven took us back and used an A bucket about 200m away from BmY’s A bucket from last week. Cleverly the hare decided to use powder markings and paper squares – and just to make it obvious these paper square were imperceptibly larger than last week. To add to the confusion, he got partway through the hare brief before hopping on Screwed Up’s bike and pissing off. It turned out the run was about as complete as the hare brief!

The important missing information was where the run started, and we were left checking from the start. Fortunately Skiddy found it and set us off up a hill and then straight down to where last week’s run was. Confusion reigned as a circle was found from last week which wasn’t for today, and then another circle from last week was found which was being reused today. The visitors must have been utterly confused as we informed them “yes we can use that circle!” and “no, that one isn’t good!”.

Finally we did choose a circle that we shouldn’t have and a large group of hashers cut a large section out of the run, while a different group took off backwards along the trail, only to find check backs wherever they looked. Meanwhile the rest of us set off in pursuit of the beer check, only to find a different trail and skip a hundred metres or so, including the beer check that Screwed Up was manning.

Graven was out there somewhere and he redirected the trail again to bring people back past the beer stop, only by then Screwed Up had fucked off. Confusion reigned further as a large group of hashers missed the beer stop that wasn’t there a 2nd time and pissed off back to the A bucket where we knew there would be beer.

Suckit had done his own loop in a different direction. Sloppy came back half hour later after checking out the nearby village. At one point Angry Inch was seen sprinting up from one direction and running off in another direction – neither of which had any trail marked.

30th December - CH4 - Graven Image, 6.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings