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21st July – CH4 – Square Rooter

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Already a little ‘anaesthetised’ from hangover run beers, I figured I’d give Square Rooter a chance and attempt his run. Damn – Suthep Road – the base of the mountain? This might not be pretty… The CH4 is getting a good turnout these days, and the girls were already doting over the attractive young Spanish visitor. Damn him! Or damn the fickle attentions of our female hashers?

We set off the usual way up the road, and I was making efforts to get off to a reasonable start and got the first check right, only to climb a long way to the check back at the 2nd check. I consoled myself with the thought that it probably wasn’t meant for me, but I was just unlucky to get it. DFL and it was right at the start of the run! I wondered if I would even see anyone again!

It turned out that my ankle was feeling good, and certainly Up Hill it was going well. I managed to get back with the pack, and felt great to be out on the trail – even with it being a SR special! And it was a SR special! I’ve run most of those trails before, so I wasn’t concerned about getting lost, I was just concerned about which way he was taking us. So often he teased us with a break to the left, and then back to the right. It was a really well thought out set.

My troubles came towards the end when we had to come back down the hill and I found my ankle wasn’t quite to strong on the descent. Our Spanish stallion swept past me, along with Shaven Haven who I’d never seen run so well! And humbling as it is, Kwazi came up behind me and very kindly asked for me to get out of the way so he could come through. Thankfully it wasn’t far back down – not quite sure how he managed it, but the clever set brought us back to the A.

The circle was good, but would have been a little better had SR had his 3 beer limit! 😉