17th August – CH4 – Does Nothing

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Does Nothing Does It Well

Songthaeo was packed as Kwaz hopped in and Cougar sat on the floor all the way to the hex shelter, referred to repeatedly by Kwaz as the octogon. Pleased I didn’t have to reach him maths! Welcome back Pussy Galore and Cumlord! Felt stiff and nauseous by the time we reached the A, made a note to self to use motorbike!

Does Nothing had planned to stay on the hex side of the road but due to roadworks and thick mud had decided to go over the other side. I wondered if he’d just reverse his last run here and initially it looked like he would.

The Water Is Wide
Down the access road we turned and Chacky baulked at the first water crossing. One FRB down at the first hurdle. Last Monday he does 18km in 2 loops and today 300m out then back! Man of extremes is our ChackWao.

Into the property and around in much the same way as expected. I was enjoying a natter with Rooter all the while and noticed we’d not ducked into the forest but headed out on the rocky main boundary path. Mmm, interesting. DN followed TMB and my trail in reverse as he turned right into the woods and followed the long winding upward path. Expecting a check here or there, I was surprised by lack of them and eventually we exited on another main cross trail. I was guessing right back down the next valley and a loop back but no! Not even a V at this junction, just paper left and back to the original out trail but half a km on.

Sting Something Simple
I was walking strongly, had left Rooter and Softballs a bit behind and when we came to the main trail paper went left and paper was strewn on the deck. Rooter suspected a falsie so followed paper into the hillside opposite only to meet the FT himself.
Down the road I yomped, wondering how DN would avoid out trail paper. Suddenly the big paper arrow appeared but thankfully no paper injuns. Into the woods and Aaah! A fcuking painful sticker from nowhere got me in the back of the right calf.

Walk On The Wildside
Meandering along a path 100m above the road I thought that was the plan – but the best was yet to come. Does Nothing took us into a beautiful creek bed, rocks, sand, gravel, water, bamboo, and the creek bed just kept giving. On and on and on it wound its way down towards lakes or dams on some farm properties. Chuckling to myself at TMB ‘enjoyment’ of this section, I yelled On On every couple of minutes and only once or twice heard a response from behind. Basically it was me, nature and white strips. As trail came out on paths I started to recognise, I tried a little jog and the leg responded favourably. Yay! Thank you Oh Danny Boy for your on-line PT!

Sitting On A Barbed Wire Fence
I wondered how DN would get us back and yes, he used his broken barbed wire fence cut through. Passing the flocks of geese, it was back to the water crossing and home. About 75 minutes of super trail and even a couple of short jogs under my belt. Great stuff Does Nothing. After Turkey’s lovely Saturday set, we’re on a roll. Over to you Cumalot for next Saturday!
On on,
Ps the sticker was a wasp sting and half a dozen hashers got nailed in much the same spot. ABB’s interrogation of Cougar to find the Thai word for wasp and Rooter’s wasp impression was one of the highlights of the circle.

17th August - CH4 - Does Nothing, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings