12th August – CSH3 – Turkish Delight

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The Turk excelled himself last Saturday with an excellent set that showed would be hares the standard to aim for.
It was either Turkish or HRA who promised virgin trails in the email. What! Down Ob Khan Rd, my arse! I got to thinking – if they really are unhashed trails he’s got to go miles down and half way to Burma!
When Saturday came we headed to the empty quarter A site and then up the freshly graded and prepped road to Turkish’s A on the corner.
Ok, no virgin trails here, know the area like the back of my wanking hand. But I was interested to see what the Anatolian haberdasher would come up with.
Off we went thru an orchard and out onto a trail heading towards the hills. But would we go up or around the quarry and across the road perhaps?
At a familiar juncture we went left from a circle and up a narrow trail towards a gated property. We missed the narrow path I know up into the doi and headed towards the gate. Nice one, a sneaky almost invisible path up right onto the foothills and n
broken ground.
Having enjoyed a natter with Frozen and a brief word with Sups I push on and caught Sticky, Tiptoe, Stumbling and a few others as we ascended over rough ground towards the forest.
A check ahead and Shagless was runnjng right. Then coming back. Confusion ahead and the FRBs only 20m ahead.
So up left we went and presently popped out on the ridge trail at a familiar and popular circle site. So that’s where the path comes out! Byte ran down there on one of my runs a few years ago off paper and ended up lonely in the field below even further from paper!
Turkey took us to the next main junction. Where it had to be left, 90% chance. FMDD Chacky, Tasty and Sheepy come running back from the right as a group. Half the run and I’m up with the leaders while walking!
Up along the ridge and checks in the usual places but then an OnOn that led to no path down I knew. I told anyone who’d listen and I was right.
We all dropped off the edge of the hill and descended a treacherous gravel hillside with sparse trees for stopping falling hashers. My hip wasn’t happy at this turn of events.
At the bottom things were complicated by a. Turkish trickery B. farmer in truck pulling down paper!
From here the day caught up with Sex P and Sheepy and I caught them again and the returning Pig Shite. How would we exit the property?
Turkey took us up a well hidden path thru the woods to the round reservoir above the orchard. Well that was a clever link.
The way home was clear,but Turkey had tricks up his sleeve galore with a switchback check the wrong side of a secure looking fence and a rolling new trail through an upgraded property.
Happy to get home, hip intact and 6km under the belt. FRBs had a km more. What a belter of a run. Unusual for anyone to surprise me in an area I know pretty well with 2 or 3 devious cut throughs I’d not found or forgotten as they been blocked over time.
Welcome Adam and Savanna visitors from Utah, Anyone’s son and welcome back ol’ foul mouth herself, Blows Herself. Wings for Alice and Anyone. OnOnOn to Yummy Pizza. Eggelen.

12th August - CSH3 - Turkish Delight, 8.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings