10th August – CH4 – Taste My Buns

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German precision and efficiency was back in evidence as TMB laid a lovely runner’s run from a new A 12.5km down Canal Rd and a bit past Suckit’s residence.

SheepShagger lent me one of his running vests even though I’d lost his hiking pole the week before. We set off towards the crem: which FRB’s hopes would be reduced to cinders by OnIn time? Alice idly wondered.

Onto the awful light pink paper semi strips and away left towards a huge flooded quarry and a check. Sex Pistol called it from left and the pack followed. At the far left corner another check. Shrek went left, SP right with Chacky in her wake and ABB directed operations and suggested it was straight past the working dumper trucks and he moved at least 20m by the time SP again called from the right somewhere and Chacky relayed her call. And

Here the trail snaked around the next quarry on clear paper but Chacky had other ideas and went straight for 200m off paper to the next check that SP had located from the correct direction. Most of the pack followed suit as they had a vague idea what was up.

Along a main trail and a turn after a check up into the forest. Dark, green and stony paths gave way to dark green stony creek bed as we hit a check deep in a junction after a V took us right.

Sexy was caught by now and Chacky found paper as the pack spread to check thickish forest with thinning trails.

Up we came back to a wide earthen path and a V. Many headed left back towards the checkback from the first V. Right it was to a t junction where FT went left as Shagless and Does Nothing found and a few nameless FRBs went right without calling or marking.

Now into thick forest, the trails split 3 or 4 ways at various points and you guessed it, there were checks! At one OnOn was called from afar and paper was laid thru the bush to get there but surely not the way TMB went!

Shagless was really pushing himself today and Tiptoe, Doesn’t Get It and the returnee Pigshit were legging it apace. Sqrootly also shook a leg when the going got good and even Cabbage Patch once he smelled beer from a km out.

At a big junction a small trail ducked right and we were running down and back for sure towards home. The path curled thru lovely forest and suddenly we were at a flooded dam. ABB checked out a circle on the opposite side and Alice found paper down and right although runners had passed for sure without marking.

A devious circle in a V split and we were lead a merry dance zigzagging back to the A with a FT and a circle that kept runner honest. Ish. We even passed a pink strip stapled to a lady’s sunhat and Suckit’s house too.

Obscene and Cumalot were adjacent to me all the way back from here as we meandered back in just around the hour mark. HRA appearing Jesus like from nowhere after losing the pack and running back on his lonesome the trail. Thankfully I missed Obscene taking a forest dump but ABB didn’t. Where was Frozen and his mobile bum gun when you need it?

4.9 km for me, a km more for the FRB checkers.Tasty run and tasty OnOnOn at Suan Sabuy!

10th August - CH4 - Taste My Buns, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating