7th August – CH3 – Alice

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Would the weather hold out? Would Chacky and Scooby behave themselves? Would Frozen Dick get lost? No, no and no were the answers.

Hare Alice declined Sticky’s offer as the trails were wet and muddy and the extra poundage would sink the Honda. Off went the pack into the field and a check with three options. Into the forest and a V them out to a circle and options left up the road and many across the canal.

Alice had by this time set up a beer stop on his bike by the next circle above the workers’ camp for the mansion house.

SheepShagger came chugging in first and declined beer, as did many of the pack. Sups wouldn’t be amused.

Do not pass the gun, if you see a gun in the middle of the trail come back, check back advised Alice. Chacky and HRA headed towards the gun and failed to yell or return for a long time. Wtf, had they run past the gun and the FT bar for the in trail? Yes, but at least they came back.

Trail went left and Sheepy continued straight but no paper. Poo found the on paper in a field to the right and the pack headed down through neck high grass to a trickyish check on the corner of a flooded quarry. This check was hard enough to hold up the boys for a bit and a few bush bashed when On On was called. A few metre scramble and rock climb and it was back out of the overgrown field to the main trail.

Chacky guessed right at the next 4 way check and Scooby tailed him down the long middle trail. After a km Scooby saw Chacky’s legs behind a tree and surmised he’d found a FT. Scooby headed right into an unpleasant looking overgrown path that was true trail and declined to call in. response to the game of silly buggers ongoing.

As the FRB emerged near the canal, an absence of paper and a circle suggested something was amiss. It was.
Pack went hither and thither until paper was found to the right heading into the forest.
Some runners and walkers just headed down to the canal and back along the road.

The hardcore followed a wide runnable forest trail to a FT by some huts. Back and right into a narrow path mostly hidden and winding towards home. Another FT and Scooby headed thru sparse forest to link with the FRB who were on paper along the side of a flourishing orchard. Behind the mansion and the little iron bar bridge back towards the canal.

The heavens truly opened and the angry black clouds did their worst. In the maelstrom Chacky fronted up first with Scooby in second. HRA and Sheepy in next with the returning Poo coming in from a strange direction, a la Angry Inch! Cabbage wasn’t far back and ABB hove to along with Johnny Hash our visitor from PI.

Eventually we did move the circle to the shelter and die virtual ice time was dished out by Does Nothing.

Run was over 7km and mostly flat, Frozen and Tiptoe completing nearly 6 with short cuts in good order.
On on,

7th August - CH3 - Alice, 4.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings