31st August – CH4 – Chuck Wao

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(Courtesy Alice)

Wtf is H3 in CNX cuming to? Two runs this week and barely 4 km TOTAL! The Bunny was set in lovely area on nice trails but was just half the length it could or should have been. As a vertically challenged chimp I’ve had half a century of short arsing around and can recognise short change when I see it.
But ChackWao? The look on his face as we piled out of the forest onto the tarmac for the downhill jog home was worth the admission money alone. The fact that we were 20 minutes faster at least than he was hoping or expecting was writ large on his features. “Nice to see a hare who cares, like myself” observed HRA in as many words.
We set off in the songthao from just by the CMU fitness park. It was going to be a B to A run we were informed. We were to start about 2.5 km up Huey Keaw Rd towards Doi Suithep. Funny how going 2.5 up a road by vehicle then running back will generate 4-5km of hashing but Chacky is an expert and learned in CM and international codes. Plus he’s Blows Herself’s Captain Kangaroo hero and there ain’t many of them to the pound.
We set off downhill thru jungly paths that were not runnable. Trail kept a rushing stream company, some parts were stone surfaced, uneven and massaged yer balls. Of yer feet.
Checks were in tricky places and the pack were generally kept together. Sex P, Blows, Obscene etc took turns in the lead but Human Ex and Cougar were right up front half way thru or more so the checks did their job.
Chacky put Oh Aar checks which were basically waterfall views and false trails together, but marked liked a cross check. Mmmm, jury are out on that development.
Down we went, ever down, to a circle near a shallow waterfall over a wide rocky expense with people enjoying a paddle. TMB checked up right. No said Poo and he was right. Obscene and SP headed further down with Alice following but an On back call arrested our descent. Bugger!
We crossed a bridge and found paper that lead out onto a road and powder! Were we already that close to home? Answer:Yes!
Passing the fretting hare, I caught up BHerself and watched Kwaz and Obscene battle for glory. Kwaz was running, Obscene wasn’t giving the old fella a chance but Kwaz was pounding the tarmac, the smell of glory in his nostrils. Kwaz realised he wasn’t getting any respect from the young nipper so started shouting at him and trying to put him off. It was mean, low down and underhand. Excellent hash behaviour infact.
As we neared the A, I wondered if the hare had a final trick up his sleeve. Perhaps a cheeky turn into the zoo? Perhaps Kwaz and Obscene were running down to a check back! Wrong on both counts.
We three turned right to the A and Kwaz switched on the afterburners, his metal cleats showering sparks as he galloped towards the line. Obscene responded and beat the despairing NY legend into second.
‘I win. No 1! crowed Obscene.
‘First adult home!’ crowed Kwaz.
Then the circle and a massive deluge. A real dampener on the day. Welcome to Pascal from Peru and Renee from China, a Piggy protege, and why didn’t he bring the cute Sino-clicker before?wondered the males – and Obscene especially. His tissue strewn teen years are not long coming methinks!
OnOnOn had the best waterfall feature but I’m not sure if was just flooding or a real waterfall in calmer days. Good turnout, the pack deserved better but Chacky sited safety concerns on trails the opposite side of HK Rd. A likely Paddy porkpie.

31st August - CH4 - Chuck Wao, 5.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings