12th June – CH3 – Alice

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On Alice, by Alice…

The A site was swiftly changed when a dead dog was found in the abandoned building. Frozen wondered whether the 2m cobra was responsible….and all in all a move across the valley seemed sensible.
Turkey sidled up eyes gleaming, “I saw your paper!” he confided in the manner of a naughty schoolboy. So the Turk had arrived early to recce. Humph. More evidence for the case against the accused.
The pack were running on white paper dipped in blue octopus blood aka Sheep Shagger’s old printer ink. Alice had held up a strip of Blow’s Herself’s yellow just to wind things up a tad!
And they’re off! Into the overgrown path around the little lake they went, apart from the Turk who scampered up the in trail, found paper the wrong way and yelled On On as he disappeared into the wild, green yonder in reverse.
Luckily Frozen Dick espied a potential path from the tricky circle in the gulley with various spur and streambed options. HRA went past and found true trail loud and clear. Turkey’s fading calls from the wrong direction had confused matters and alarmed the hares. Thankfully no one followed the heir of Anatolia.
Up the side of the hill went the pack with a circle on top. A late arrived ChackWao and Turkey ascended from another path but soon located trail and walkers. Left was on on and then down, down, down a narrow hillside path to the lakes property.
Here things got interesting. HRA and Lars found paper up the hill and followed around the forest edge. The false trail stopped them in their dainty tracks and wiped out any advantage. Turkey looked down in the river bed ravine and spied paper, allegedly. Here the story gets confused with Turkey claiming complete success on all further checks, Vs and FTs to arrive home first in 46 mins. Chack and the rest swore blind they never saw a glimpse of TD from then on and the weight of evidence is probably in favour of the majority. The Turk did describe the V check on the saddle – mountain pass in Superman’s lingo – but how he got there remains known only to the Turk and his maker.
The rest of the pack descended into a long sandy creek bed emerging in the centre of the property. A circle went right and around the edge of the forest on a well runable path. Suddenly a turn into the forest back from a FT soon after another circle. Along a wet streambed the pack stumbled, sandy, rocky and quite scenic. From here Chack Wao escaped when the trail became a clear path, rocky and uneven in places, up it climbed, turning and twisting towards a main left right trail. Paper went left to a circle 40m away. There was straight on the main path, left back into the forest or right up a steep gully in the facing hillside. Chack tried all three, assisted by Shrek before ABB simply emerged, turned right and found paper 50m from the junction. From then on it was all downhill. ABB’s internal gyroscope was functioning well and after Chack’s arrival a few minutes after TD, ABB swiftly followed by HRA hove into view. Kwaz appeared from 180 degrees the other direction like a sprite borne on a scented zephyr, and admitted knee pain made him turn left once over the hill and trudge back along the road. Sheep Shagger came home loaded with rocks again and Shrek grimaced as he told of lessons learnt that checks aren’t always 180 infront. Does Nothing strode in then the famous jungle call announced Frozen and his buddy Tiptoe and soon we were settling down to social drinking, the usual bickering, a good natured circle and the hash song closed events at site. OnOnOn was at Grill of India, everyone enjoyed except the GM.

12th June - CH3 - Alice, 5.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings