15th June – CSH3 – Sex Pistol

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Sexy teamed up with KO for a run behind Doi Kham. We know this area well – the hill is inevitable, the question is how much hill. I’d done a lunch run on the treadmill but decided some elevation training would probably do me good…. Now I am regretting it a bit! The hares had decided to follow the example of Blows Herself and use yellow leaf strips to mark the trail – fortunately this area is greener, and the light a bit different so it was much easier to follow.

I walked off with Chuckie, letting my muscles warm up gently. The checks stood out splendidly! BIG printouts, that will probably still be there next time someone sets a run here! The first check was a 50/50, straight or left. As I happened to be walking on the left, I took that option expecting CW to call from straight. Around the corner I found trail, called, and broke into a bit of a jog. We were heading up “Last Man Standing”, a hill that ultimately gets to Doi Pui, named for the challenge it poses. I was in the lead, and breezed a few checks, pushing the pace even though it was up hill. I was sweating, panting, but trying to keep pushing on the climb. I could hear Poo behind at the checks, but could tell I was going away, it was just a case of waiting for the hill climbing monster that is Chuckie.

The checks were on up, up, up! CW was slowly gaining on me, and we finally got to a check where I thought surely we would start heading down again. I figured CW and I were well ahead of the pack and had time to look around. Getting back from checking the wrong way, I was shocked to find pretty much everyone milling around! Holy smokes! I’d been pushing it hard, but even the walkers were up with me! Clearly my pushing it pace wasn’t quite what I thought it was!

Finally the On Call came, and it came from further up! Shit! More climbing? How high would this go??? (320m Elevation gain according to Strava!) I was expecting it to break back down any moment, but it didn’t. I was accused of short cutting as at one point I went along a parallel trail for 100m or so – half expecting a FT ahead, and finding a nice tree to stand behind and enjoy the view. Strava keeps us honest these days – check out the flyby! :- FLY BY

I rejoined the trail with a fast running Obscene. Shrek was there as was a guy I didn’t really know – we were both panting so much that we couldn’t introduce ourselves! The trail was still going up! A male hash had done this, and the hares were duly punished. This was seriously punishing! WHAT THE F**K WERE THE HARES THINKING??? CW was speeding away, and up ahead was HRA, Blows Herself with Obscene just in front of me and Poo not far behind. It seemed like the gaps were growing as there were less opportunities for checks.

Finally trail broke off to the right descending again. Obscene ran with the exuberance that only youth offers. I took a bit more care – my legs were like jelly for a while and it took some time to get going. A “V” check, not kicked out, and no obvious paper. It surely wouldn’t matter, as we were just descending steeply. I gambled left and hooked up with HRA, Blows Herself and Obscene again. Another circle, and we could faintly hear CW calling from the abyss beneath us, but guessing how to get to him wasn’t easy. I tentatively put a few bits of paper down, to try to help those following. Obscene spotted paper and we were back on, descending into a gully on a narrow trail.

It dropped off into the river, and I knew where I was again. I followed the easier trail on this bank crossing at the usual spot and we had another check. Pretty straightforward from here on, and CW was surely homefree. Even on the wider trail that descends gradually I was spent. Trying to jog a little, but exhaustion was setting in. Again Obscene passed, as did HRA. I got to the flats at the bottom and the ONIN before Blows Herself passed me by with her usual cheerfulness – how is it possible to be that cheerful after that much effort?!

Finally back, and I was exhausted… Struggling to hold a conversation, even hold my eyes open… My only recollection from the circle was that the hares weren’t punished anywhere near enough!!!!

15th June - CSH3 - Sex Pistol, 5.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings