4th May – CH4 – Shagless & DGI

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Team Shagless and DGI produced a nifty 5km in hilly challenging terrain 13km along the road to Samoeng.
We set off steeply down and soon were dealing with a series of well set circles.
TMB and LJO set the early pace with Sexy Pistol also on the van. Soon it was up, up, up into the forest with some Vs and circles that did their job well.
As we trudged up a steep path, KO suddenly turned to face me, hand on knees, mouth agape. My excitement was cruelly dashed as she panted like a worn bellows, gasping for oxygen- not anything my fevered imagination had initially suggested!
At one point there was R/W split and then some confusion when we rejoined as there were two Vs close by and shouting On On from at least two different locations.
The Rambos got a bit of a dirty check in the forest. LJO went left, TMB right and then disappeared! We didn’t hear anything but she didn’t return…a pattern which was repeated for the last third of the hash.
SP found trail and we traipsed down through quite thick forest on a narrow path replete with Poo sticks and a few thorny problems.
At another circle high on a terrace we saw TMB and LJO far below yelling at us. Getting to join them was harder that expected as Shagless just dropped down the hillside thru scrub to a circle on the road then up again to the left and around on another rough path until we dropped down again to the road. Paper was hard to see as they’d set it to be invisible from high above – and they bloody succeeded.
The run home was thru a slew of virgin circles. Tasty just nailed them and LJO and self were faced with 50/50 calls at best. We messed up equally and runners and walkers alike piled thru infront of me alas.
The last bit before ascending the Steps of Abraham back to the A went past a meditation centre. A sign read SSHHH which I thought meant Sheep Shagger H3 Meditation Centre. Another said STFU!
A hot, sweaty pack of rascals recovered with lube of choice and a mild gently comic circle.
Kwazi’s TDIH, a few birthdays and a memorable quote were read off a scrap of paper half the size of a playing card – without glasses too! Welcome back Beep Beep.
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4th May - CH4 - Shagless & DGI, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating