27th April – CH4 – Knock Out

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An interesting lesson in human psychology and behaviour. Knockout’s hare brief mentioned an 8.4km estimated run length which she qualified by saying she could be be dyslexic and the run might actually be 4.8km. Three hashers who talked/moaned to me, heard the 8.4km and not the qualifying statement – so were on trail expecting a mini BB run from Hangdong’s fairest hare!
A site was the usual DN, Piggee and Rooter location behind the Ag. We were set off towards the hills but Kwazi for reasons known unto himself and his parole officer headed completely the other way!
The first tricky circle check was more to do with poor checking. A group headed off up the tangled and gnarly dry stream bed towards the foot of Rooter’s Hill. No paper. Eventually someone went up the opposite hillside on a clear path and we were OnOn again. Trail was tricky, narrow and steep in places. We crossed a few spurs before dropping down to the familiar rocky stream way.
Once across we found trail heading down and motored along now at decent pace until we cut back across the stream bed, I think. Bit hazy here. The pace picked up as we headed down and closer to home. At the bottom of the path we turned right and we were surely headed for the On In? Wrong. A circle with a mean on trail straight up the hill again, across the streambed and down down to the original path we’d been on. Right turn for home and there was a few hundred metres to go. TMB overtook Spitz Spunk and self with a snide comment about how much younger and slower he was than her! I advised him to challenge her in the swimming pool but he didn’t seem prepared for the challenge. Tasty pulled away and soon we were on the last bit back to the A.
Good run, sensible distance given the terrain. Nice to see everyone again, Ben Dover included, and meet Soft Balls. On on, Alice

27th April - CH4 - Knock Out, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating