6th May – CSH3 – Does Nothing

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Does Nothing stepped up to the plate to set a sensible challenge down the ‘6.3km road’ without naming it Ob Khan Rd. The sign at the turn had disappeared and there were no further signs til the Hex Shelter A bucket.
Oh uh. Hashers in a fainkle, slight panic stations..
Welcome two couples from Wan Chai H3 in HK, Tinbits and Spinky McHu(ex GM) plus Hopeless with Lost in Translation. All good runners and a nice touch to bring some award patches as gifts.
Luckily Turkey was on form so four shirts were sold and it was hare brief time.
White paper strips, circles and Vs ending in FT. Graven wouldn’t approve!
And we were off. Down the road and right towards the lakes. Trail basically followed the property in an anti cw direction with a loop right into the burnt woods. Would the hare take us further in and over the hills cw home? No! But he tried to find a trail that way when he scouted apparently. So we bashed on through the bare forest until we came out on a steep but wide path back out onto the main trail the other side, visitors leading the way plus LJO and TMB, fresh from the dentist’s soft voice and sensitive fingers. Mmm.
Back on the path, heading left towards OK Rd, DN tricked the FRBs with a sneaky thru the barb wire fence left turn that everyone missed due to sun and marking right side of trail previously. TNB screamed at Poo to stop and look but he was hard of hearing and came on. So she yelled louder and he ignored her more. A perfect couple.
Suddenly I was second behind LJO. We piled thru the wire and followed trail back to the junction where we’d come in originally. Apart from me, now mid pack, who checked left at the last circle, up and wrongly.
A decent 4.5km of nice trail well set. Good job hare and also new GM Knockout. A good start to your reign.

6th May - CSH3 - Does Nothing, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating