August 25th – CH4 – Shagless & Doesn’t Get It

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Rainstorms the night before, but it cleared up nicely in time for the hash. I left work early, fearful of traffic, but made reasonable time along Sameong Road, and then left down a smaller road to a new runsite. I’ve never hashed from there before, but I did take a look at it once with HRA when we were planning the ballbreaker – I was interested what Shagless had in store for us! Gradually the cars arrived and crawled up the hill, and most of the regulars were there. Unfortunately there was one notable absence, I find it disappointing that a long time, regular hasher, who does so much for the club, has been made to feel so uncomfortable that they don’t want to participate in hash activities after being repeatedly slandered. The hash is a social club that accepts anyone to join, so long as all who join get into the spirit of it with a bit of a run, silly names, ice time and drinking games where we poke a bit of fun at each other. So it isn’t for everyone, no problem, but there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed and in the spirit of having fun at the hash, personal grievances should be settled outside.

Back to the run! After the harebrief, it began with a circle check! Graven Image would be livid! I can hear him now saying “checks are to bring the pack together, an early check just scatters the pack!”. We all know that Gravy likes to walk to the first check, so it would have been a short walk for him! Fortunately I’d spied an interesting little trail heading up the hill, and sure enough, the hares had found it too. I was way ahead as the rest of the pack had to come back from exploring the car park. I continued and found another check. Continue up the hill – hell I didn’t want to check down! Nothing, so I tried another option, still nothing, and we were called back down.

I jogged down the hill, for the first time breaking into a bit of a run, but I really just wasn’t in the mood. We got to a junction where there was no check, but paper appearing to go in 2 directions. Square Rooter was coming back from one calling false trail, while Taste My Buns was coming back from another completely different direction – where there was no trail, but she claimed to have seen a check back… WTF was going on? I later found out the check back was actually some powder marking from the wimp trail, that Shagless had set on his motorbike – riding a motorbike turns blobs of powder into lines! Why she was there, nobody can answer, but we quickly followed the other paper uphill to another check. I got it wrong, and rejoined the trail at the Wimp Rambo. This had been a really good trail so far, but I just wasn’t feeling it for whatever reason – long day at work? dodgy knee? whatever excuse fits the bill, I opted for the wimp trail.

Back down the hill, and some confusion at the bottom with an arrow leading to a V-Check. A V-Check where one trail lead onwards, while the other lead back into the Rambo run. Fortunately for me I chose the rest of the trail, but Does Nothing behind me was not so lucky! An interesting idea to rejoin the trails, but probably one that shouldn’t be attempted again! I meanwhile carried on and followed the trail out, getting 1 V-check wrong. Some really great trail here and I think we will be back at some point! Thanks hares!

August 25th - CH4 - Shagless & Doesn't Get It, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating