Saturday 27th Aug – CSH3 — Miss Piggy’s 1000th Run! (Co-hares Chuck Wao and Byte My Yahoo)

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An unusually large number of hashers convened today at Miss Piggy’s
beautiful house to celebrate her Mille Run. How many of us ever get to
witness such an occasion, let alone reach this milestone ourselves?
Super Man (1183) and Super Bitch (1050) were both present for this

Off then into the misty evening with paper quickly found along a quiet
soi and on into a brownfield site past an unfinished condo high-rise.
Just enough slip-sliding early on to keep the more klutzy hashers
among us focused on our footfall. For this hasher it’s usually the
dopamine kicking in that makes me think there’s gonna be a beer stop
round every corner but today after two quick checks and five minutes
into the run was Byte My Yahoo doing some sterling valet work
marshaling three songthaews featuring, yes, some much needed beer!
This might be some kind of record. Nice job.

Into the songthaew for ten minutes or so until we were deposited at
the Chiang Mai Provincial Government Center (I think). On on then, for
me getting the first check right and closely followed by Cougar, but
breezing past the Check Back. Mr Poo’s eagle eye quickly sussed our
problem and back we came to the pack. Rice fields Ahoy! This time we
kept to some wonderfully muddy trails with some nice checks. Scooby
Doo failed to run out at least one check — someone who really should
know by now that here in CM 100m is an idea, rarely an actuality. It
was during this portion of the hash that I witnessed some rather
unsettling behavior on the part of one master hasher — you know who
you are HRA. Skipping and jumping and yes, deliberately besplattering
all and sundry. A one man gambol fest. Excellent. You know you’re
gonna have to share the source of this exuberance one day Weegee! Chia
seeds? I also enjoyed Shit House pointing out one or two, er, shit
houses of particular architectural int
erest along this stretch of the run!

Out we came to see Lung La parked, I think to take Wimps back, and our
GM and co-hare CW nonchalantly surveying the scene. In fact he was
clocking us breezing past a circle check. Now this is one of those
times when the GM could act responsibly and hide the beer, for this
was no beer check. Fortunately, Chuck Wao and responsible are words
rarely uttered in the same sentence so suitably refreshed we pressed
on with Taste My Buns pressing the initiative through Payap Uni and on
to the Super Highway. Along the SH. Urban hashing at its best. With a
Backcheck we were amongst the reeds and into some primeval,
foul-smelling ooze.

Now we came to a moo baan lost in time. A hidden CM treasure. A
tributary community quietly going about their sluicing business when a
pretty well-held pack of hashers descended. A circle check here took
some figuring out, Sex Pistol and me went back across the sluice gate
looking for the way on but nothing. I believe Square Rooter found the
way forward. Some nice running there on that include clambering over a
fence using a stack of old bar stools. Such are the logistics of a
city run.

Now, city runs do have their detractors. A lot of hashers think they
are much the same as doing The New York Times crossword, eating a
Lobster dinner, or having sex with a blow-up doll — that, is not
worth the trouble! Well, maybe two out of those three. These creaky
knees disagree. CSH3 hashes are big baggy monsters and this was a run
that seemed to fit the occasion somehow, so great work Miss Piggy,
Chuck Wao and Byte My Yahoo for going above and beyond.

Saturday 27th Aug - CSH3 -- Miss Piggy's 1000th Run! (Co-hares Chuck Wao and Byte My Yahoo), 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings