Thursday 24th September – CH4 – Adorable Blue Balls

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On a Wing and a Prayer

Touchdown CNX. Rent motorbike. Hit KSK for padthai. Scoot down Canal Rd to the Happy Hash, endorphins already coursing thru the veins. 10.1 seemed a long way but signage was good, altho white crosses on dark red background were a test for this w@nker’s eyesight.

Is That All You Bring Away?
What! I know it’s low season but not that low. We hardly had a quorum/minian (ask Frozen). Quality makes up for quantity and ABB had recruited Sunspot to assist in the haring dept., although they had more issues with Sunny’s antique BMW breaking down than the job in hand.

The Long and Winding Road
Trail was clearly marked with white strips and went thru some lovely orchards and country lanes. The checks were pretty cunning and foxed Piggy(easily done) and even ChuckWao (not to easily done). The sandgroping FRB was constrained behind barbed wire fences on two occasions having checked wrong paths then tried to cut back across towards the on on shouts.
Alice’ endorphins were given a jolt by an early ankle sprain and near tumble, but adrenalin and ChuckWao’s concern got me through.
Knock Out was running like a machine, light on her feet, erect and glistening. So the circle heard her described. Poo and CW went like gazelles too and it was hard to keep up, given the lack of soft sand and goats I’m used to.

Keep On Runnin’
Piggy and Cuckold didn’t seem like they wanted to run to start with but once warmed up both got a shift on and the small pack worked fairly well hunting down paper.
ABB set checks in obvious places but didn’t follow the obvious routes much! One check was tricky, we all went wrong routes until KO found trail through a hedge and across a field of concrete footings that apparently shouldn’t be there.
The on in was well received and Piggy was shaking a leg ahead of me and disappeared round a bend when a large heard of cattle rushed him from the right. I feared what I might find, Pamplona on a bad day type visions flashed thru my startled brain. Thankfully he was pressed against the treeline and let the bovine stampede pass safely. Poo bounded up at this point and slowed to our sauntering meander. Which was lucky as he didn’t see the wildebeest migration ahead. Funnily enough the cattle went right back to the A site ahead of us. Perhaps they smelled the beer or fancied a bit of ABB gentle wit in the circle.
A respectful, geriatric circle was enjoyed before braving the tempest on the ride back to town. ONON in Anusan market was cold beer and tasty pizza til tummies were bursting. Great job hares!

Thursday 24th September - CH4 - Adorable Blue Balls, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings