26th September – CSH3 – Sticky Wicket

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Sticky teamed up with Cuckold… Run location, Huay Tung Thao…. I love running at HTT, and stop there regularly for a bit of a jog, and I’ve set a whole bunch of runs in the area, so I wasn’t expecting too many surprises! We started from the entrance, saving 20B, but surrounded by others going about their exercise, several of whom I knew, but for some reason they didn’t feel like joining in with our original style of getting exercise.

We set off up the running track, and for a while I wondered if the hares might just take us on the 5k loop. Knockout wasn’t far behind as I got to the first check and I spotted paper off to the right – we cut quickly across to the smaller trails and weaved our way back up to the main running track. Another circle, and Piggy set off to check down the mud trail where we’ve often had circles. I stalled, but when he came back CW and I continued along and found trail heading through the small moobahn area. We were confident now that the trail would cut up to the dam and we would go across the dam. Sure enough it did, and we nailed the next few checks.

We were heading to the trail along the bottom of the hills, and as CW gained confidence he took off. Piggy joined me, and we jogged along for a while. CW was gone, and the next check had to be straight on, but Piggy to his credit did a bit of hunting around waiting for me to call. At the next check I got there as CW came back and turned to the left. I followed of course and we found trail heading through the rice field…. Ugh… At least we weren’t shot at today as we all climbed over the banks. Not long to the On-In and back down the road to the cold beer. A great run all in all, familiar trails, but there is a good reason I like running there!

26th September - CSH3 - Sticky Wicket, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating