21 September – CH3 – Square Router

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Another male hash and another Router run.  Was he going to try to kill us again?  He’d invited Liberace along, and we were on the side of the road up Doi Suthep on Huay Kaew road.  These didn’t seem like good signs.

Before the run the hare explained his marking system: vertical strips for the Rambo trail, little bows for the Wimps, and combining the two to form arrows when the trails came together.  We were so impressed with his ingenuity that we nearly forgot what was to come – though all assumed that the idea must have come from Toe Sucker.  Since the hare brief was over early we decided to take a moment to contemplate the glory of this system, and then left when Sloppy Rod arrived.

We set off down the trail and hashers fanned out to check.  The first thing we found was Sunspot, who was up on the road and laughing at us.  He wouldn’t tell us whether or not there was paper up there so eventually we gave up and carried on checking.  Trail turned out to be over the creek and up the hill.  Pigshit promptly took a nasty fall on the slippery rocks and I made my first, but no means last, use of four-wheel drive to get across.

We slogged uphill for a long way and then came to the road, again.  Taking our lives in our hands we crossed and were back on trail.   At some point Cuckold woke up some incredibly painful insects and wisely jogged off, leaving them to attack Cabbage Patch, who unwisely decided to dance around in place while getting bitten.  Crap Thai and I were scornful of getting so excited about being bitten by red ants, until we were bitten and set off down the hill howling with pain!  Piggy was either made of sterner stuff (or didn’t get bitten).

Things got serious after the Wimp/Rambo split:  slippery rocks, small trails, more climbing….  Then I came down a trail to find Cabbage Patch clinging to the side of a rock above the waterfall.  Adorable Blue Balls ahd already climbed over him and left him there and Piggy was eagerly watching to see if he was going to fall.  Thankfully he made it (we’re still hoping he’ll pay membership fees sometime) and we moved on.

A few more trails and Chack Wow and I found ourselves at the Boy Scout waterfall!  Suddenly I knew where I was, and when everybody else went down at the next circle check I sent Piggy up.  We were miles ahead of everyone until we discovered the coming together of the Wimp/Rambo trails and a circle check that all the wimps had apparently been too lazy to kick out.

Once we’d discovered the trail it was the end of Square Router’s Lanna run (again), we crossed the road (again) and then went back up by the side of the river (where we’d been before).  True lazy bastards just walked up the road in defeat to find a completely unrepentant Square Router :)

The park rangers decided that the circle should be short so after a few splashes we went into town to Euro Diner and then on :)


21 September - CH3 - Square Router, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating