28th March – CSH3 – Alice

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Guarantee a good write up, by the hare running home and scribbling some notes:-


A thank you from Alice the hare to Yanksoffalot for excellent scouting last Sunday and Does Nothing for his sterling efforts today setting the run thru the hottest hours of the day11:15-14:00….

Huge qudos to the FRBs Slopps, Graven and HRA for coming home in 55 mins as Does Nothing bet me they’d be in after the 60 min mark, and I erred on the side of rampant athleticism and competitive streaks! Never in the field of human achievement has a combined age of 160++ covered so much ground so fast and gracefully….ish.

Sorry I forgot to mention use of Belly’s square white plastic back check sign, BMY didn’t see it and lost vital yards and seconds on those checking left up the path into the doi.
Was shocked to see Shagless, Dead Virgin and Baldrick emerge on the W in-trail after 30 measly minutes but they refound the R trail and did the whole jobby. Nice work lads.

Taste my Buns and HRA shared immortal glory with the virtual wings and Poo and BMY traded funny insults over going AWOL and stand in GMship. Turkish was so happy to first runner in but as DN observed, “First runner to run the whole walkers’ trail!”

Karaoke with Knockout and Cumalot at Baan Suan Him Doi was the icing on the aural cake and
all part of the rich experience.

Enjoyed the labour, the company and the comments…mostly!
On on,

28th March - CSH3 - Alice, 8.1 out of 10 based on 7 ratings