26th March – CH4 – Stiff

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Virgin hare, but not a virgin area… Mr. Poo and Knock Out had set runs here so recently that their signs were still there yesterday! I had some children logistics, but by chance managed to make it there, and with time to spare! Hare brief told us about some checks, but didn’t help much with what was coming up! Bring in the virgins to explain how we normally do things, and then do it a bit differently!

I set off and Jacksoffalot put in a bit of a jog. I heard a visitor behind asking if it was ok to run or not, so upped the tempo to a brisk trot. It wasn’t long before he breezed past me. A circle check slowed him down and I got first choice at the 2nd circle. Dumbass mistake – I picked right, down the hill and ended up a long way back. The trail headed up a bit and I finally got back with the FRBs when we got to a confusing “V” check. Normally the arms of the V point the directions to check, this V check was just bizarre. Most of the hashers were milling around listening to Chuckie give one of his classic lectures on international standards. I headed after Poo and Graven in the obvious direction – towards the mountain. Graven veered off, and I followed Poo (well over 100m) to find powder coming in from the left. Were we right? Not sure… WTF, lets call it!

Next check we all got right, but then I got caught up the wrong side of a waterfall… I seemed to keep getting into places that were hard to get back from. Following Knockout uphill was fine until she stepped out the way. I caught up again when a circle confused everyone as there was a false trail coming off it… We spread out into the trees, and when it was called, I was screwed. A big shiggy scramble back to the trail and I was way behind.

From there it was a solid run, slowly picking off hashers, starting with Human Ex who is skilled at blocking narrow trails. The trails were good, I really enjoyed the run and the route. Generally I worry about the runsite because of the inevitable climbing, but this set was largely runnable, and a lot of fun. Excellent creds to the hare.

26th March - CH4 - Stiff, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating