9th April – CH4 – Crap Thai

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Crappy at HTT had people nervous… He’d set part of it in powder, and with a late afternoon storm had to live hare the first section. Sadly he took off towards the waterfall…. Aaaargh! I remember setting a terrible run up there, and going on others that were also terrible – I don’t recall a successful run heading that direction before…

We discussed sitting around drinking instead… It was hot and humid… Finally we thought we ought to give it a go, and we all strolled off casually towards the inevitable. First circle check predictably at the bottom of the waterfall. Choices here are to go into the base of the waterfall, which gives you a treacherous climb up – made more deadly by the rain on the slick rocks. I picked the steeper trail up the right of the waterfall… Steeper to begin with, but in the end its a better route… NOYB spotted the hare going up the waterfall, but I was the first to find him sat waiting for us. Now that check was a gimme – I know there is nothing good to the right – to the left isn’t much good, but it certainly wasn’t going to be further up.

We hacked our way off to the left and at the next check we all went straight up to where the nicer trail was. Sure enough we started heading down. Graven was right behind me for a while, but nipped past – it wasn’t easy going with the rocks hidden under damp leaves. The down was interrupted by a check taking us back up and across before finally cutting down the the main trail. To the right and NOYB was off like a racehorse. A visitor also breezed past. I’d have to go for local knowledge. A check out onto the rice fields. Most hashers wanted to go to the village, but that made no sense – how would the hare get us back? If we went into the village we’d have to come back the way we drove in, and the hare had no time to lay that trail and the out trail, so we had to get back to the ‘main trail’. I was alone checking through the ricefields, but with such a large space, it was a long time before I found trail. Up on the main trail, I jogged in, knowing the rest of the pack would be trying to chase me down.

Not a bad trail at all… – it’s just a shame the connect off the waterfall isn’t there… I wish I could find it…. Maybe I need to go searching again? muahaha…

9th April - CH4 - Crap Thai, 7.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings