21st August – CH4 – Struggles to Cum

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Struggles to Cum teamed with Can’t Keep (It) Up for a run from their house in the valley behind Doi Kham. Virgin hares… What would we have to deal with? I arrived early following the freshly printed signs to a nice coffee shop. CK(I)U was taking out the trash, while STC was apparently finishing the trail. A weeks worth of work had been laid out before us in the hills and he did a good job of confusing hare banter – was he lying or not? Barbed wire, Bear traps…???

Finally STC got back and embarked on the worlds longest hare brief filling up the time before we were off. “Only Circle Checks”. Out the gate and along the road, finally I found some small bits of paper clipped to a bush and we were off. A circle check, and I ducked into a little lane. I didn’t see the paper straight away, but there it was heading over a creek bed and towards the hills. Humps was just behind as we started climbing, but his voice was replaced by Pigshits as we did a little loop. I got to each check first – picked which way to go, and managed to find the paper as Piggy got to the circle behind me. This was going well – A little loop and I didn’t spot the trail off to the right straight away, so Piggy caught me as we went back down next to where we’d been before – of course Mr. Poo and Humps led the rest of the pack straight across to us.

Another check, and only one obvious trail, so I led the way climbing up the hill. Getting steep, we were approaching the main trail where there was bound to be a tricky check. I eased up and Piggy joined me to discuss which way it might be… He opted for up the hill, I picked straight on. Again I was right, and voices quickly faded behind me. A couple more checks and I was cutting down the side of the waterfall. A circle check by the river, and sure enough the trail carried on the otherside. No voices behind – I was clean clear as I tried to out think the hares. I mapped out the rest of the run in my mind and sure enough, I was right. When I came across Can’t Keep (It) Up as he fixed the trail up, his face was a picture! He started panicking about whether the run was long enough…

Don’t worry it was fine – a great run – not often you get 100% of the checks right – sorry guys, I couldn’t kick them out for you…