30th Dec – CH3 – SkidMark

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Before New Year it was time for a “Fressfest”… Despite my German, this was a new word for my vernacular, but I guessed from the promotion it had something to do with food… Apparently this is how you pronounce it!


Anyway, before the food there was the run… After 7+km on Sat, and again on Sunday, we were hoping for something manageable, but Skiddy figured we’d need more Ball Breaker training and gave us a 7+km work out! My legs were weary before we set off, but as None of Your Business had done some pre-run scouting, we had to make sure Brownfinger did the false trail at the first check. After that I hung back and let someone else do the checks for a change. Through the rice fields it was heavy / slow going, and eventually we spotted Skiddy’s car standing out across the paddies, and the next 10 minutes or so was working our way towards it.

I grabbed a beer and ambled off slowly following the pack across the fields. Skiddy told me to get a move on otherwise I’d be in in the dark, but whatever, my legs weren’t responding. Up ahead it looked like None of Your Business was working with Brown Finger to find the checks, but with the slow going the group was staying close together. I finished my beer and tried to get my legs moving – damn it was hard work, but I could sense the desperation from NOYB – competitive Dad kicked in… The pace increased and I stuck to around 100m behind the leaders, to let them do the work. Finally the last check, and nobody went over the obvious ‘Skiddy Bridge’. WTF? “OnOn”… “OnIn”… “Sorry Son!”

Great circle that proved that sometimes longer circles can work, so long as there is good material! After the circle it was OnOnOn to Guenthers for a great (but not cheap) buffet – so that’s what a Fressfest is!! 😀