23rd November – CSH3 – Humperdick

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With a Bunny Outstation, there was a smaller than usual group gathered close to the football field on canal road. Wiping Humperdick’s last run from my mind, I reassured myself that he normally puts in a good job. After introducing the all new “K” check, we were set off towards familiar trails.

I’ve set runs there, I’ve ran many runs there, this would be easy! Nope… First check had me hopelessly in the wrong direction. I got back into it by the 3rd check, and sure enough I went 180 degrees from the right way. It was a trend that was to continue. I was feeling fresh and good, so put some efforts in to get to the front, and each time I did I ran into false trails, or checks that I screwed up! Notably, I got the false trail, and on the way back I clambered up the wrong hill finally hearing the on-on from the other side of the valley. Again later, I was trapped the wrong side of a ravine while the FRBs were cruising away on the other side. I’m not sure I could get it more wrong!

I got to the point of not believing myself. So when I got to a check, with Square Rooter, I thought which would be my last choice? Because that’s probably where we’re going. Sure enough I charged down a steep hill – again 180 degrees from the true trail.

An excellent set – a lot of fun! The circle was great too – that’s why we hash!

23rd November - CSH3 - Humperdick, 6.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings