12th August – CH3 – Soapy

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After so many years of hashing, I’ve never managed to run on a Soapy run – apparently that’s because today was the first time he’s set one!!! After 7 years of planning, 7 years of preparation, 7 years of examining different runsites, this would surely be the greatest run in hash history?!? Well, at least not as bad as Horny’s run yesterday!

At the run site there was a good turn out, including 2 young athletic looking types, who hopped out of Humperdick’s truck. More Dutchies!? With no Dogshit, I guess they figured they’d try and get back to quota? An elaborate harebrief, and we were set off down a familiar hill, straight into Suckit country. I let gravity take hold and found myself alone at the bottom of the hill, following trail to a V check. Turkish (who from now I on I will refer to as “C”, short for “C*NT”), ignored the check and came with me up a short hill. At the next X check, he again ignored the check, following me along the straight option. The lazy “C” wouldn’t check on his own, so I went back and tried another way. He stood and watched, and eventually we were both wrong. I didn’t hear him again all run, and if I don’t see him again, it would be too soon.

Fortunately the “young bucks” knew how to play the game, albeit with a racist theme… Things got a bit confusing a couple of times when the trails cut back on themselves, and pretty soon we were cutting right and arcing back towards the A. Too soon surely? He’d said it was short, and he didn’t lie about that… After 3.25km I was back at the A.

12th August - CH3 - Soapy, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating